Many people don’t dare to cycle in town, because they don’t feel safe on the roads. Especially if you find yourself in a different country with different traffic rules and morale. During the courses of Velo! you will learn techniques which greatly improve the safety and self-confidence of a rider in every traffic situation. Farewell, fear!


Every road user has equal rights on the roads of Budapest, thus we don’t believe in car driver vs cyclist distinction in general. Equal rights come with equal responsibilities, hence our goal is to enhance the responsible and conscious commuting among cyclists.
Be a road user, not (only) a cyclist!


Cycling is not only good and fun, but healthy, too. Frequent riders get sick less often and live longer than not cyclists. Urban cycling is not simply taking you from A to B, but it’s a free sport activity, which unawares improves our physical condition. Farewell, fat!

Speed & comfort

The average distance done by public transport was 3,6km in general in 2016, while the average speed of all journeys taken was 20km/h (by car only: 30-40km/h!). It’s clear that the most journeys can be quickest done by bicycle. Most of the people don’t cycle because they claim that their clothes are not suitable for the weather: we provide practical advices about the best clothing matching both cycling and the weather and also we give you free route-planning to get to work for example. Farewell, waiting time, farewell sweating!

“Dirty financial issues”

Cycling is the cheapest way of transport. Velo! changes your life at a cost of slightly more than a monthly BKK pass: if a car driver cycles during the summer months his or her savings can go up to 60000 HUF; while a public transport user can save up to 30000 HUF. Annualizing this you can save enough for a holiday without noticing it if you change to cycling!
Farewell, fares; farewell petrol stations!

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